Gerflor and Gradus: A Unified Approach to Safety and Design

Since 2015, Gerflor and Gradus have joined forces to create a powerful synergy in creating safer spaces, merging our expertise and shared commitment to excellence. We spoke with Nicklas Nelson, Sales Manager at Gerflor, to share further insights of our dynamic partnership.

Nicklas Nelson explains that his role includes setting a holistic strategy regarding the Gerflor sales.

– I have been the Sales Manager at Gerflor since February of this year. My role involves overseeing all sales activities through Gerflor and its subsidiaries in the Swedish market. I am responsible for setting a clear vision, strategy, and structure, driving sales in Sweden alongside my team, and essentially acting as a coach who unifies the group and supports the daily operations.

Gerflor and Gradus have a history of collaboration. Can you provide insights into the previous partnership between the two companies?

– The shared history between Gradus and Gerflor began in 2015 when Gerflor acquired Gradus. Both brands have continued to coexist, and we have enjoyed a fruitful collaboration in Scandinavia, thanks to Gradus's local presence. Looking ahead, we see that by integrating our offerings, we can provide both specifiers and clients with a more comprehensive and tailored solution for their interior needs.

Expertise across the spectrum

What sets the companionship apart is clear for Nicklas.

– Both Gerflor and Gradus offer top-quality products suitable for demanding public spaces. With our specialized knowledge in flooring and wall solutions, we can guide customers to tailor-made solutions that meet their specific requirements. Our unique market position allows us to offer a wide range of flooring, wall, and accessory products to create the desired environment. A significant advantage is our Key Account Manager in Healthcare, Ingemar Jensen, who has a history with Gradus. This enables us to provide our partners with expertise across the entire spectrum.

With a focus in solutions for healthcare, Nicklas is confident in the joint ability to deliver high quality products for the sector.

– Both parties have extensive experience in the healthcare sector. We understand the stringent requirements for hygiene, durability, and chemical resistance, supported by both empirical examples and test results. This experience is crucial, as it assures customers of our reliability in their projects.

In what specific ways has Gradus's expertise and product range complemented Gerflor's solutions in healthcare environments?

– The most tangible complement is the range of wall protection products we offer for these environments. Equally important is the expanded network with practical experience in product solutions, installation, maintenance, and after-sales support that our local sales team can provide through our international network. This comprehensive support is invaluable for project planning.

Positive Feedback

Recieving feedback from clients is valued for both Gradus and Gerflor, as it reflects upon the synergy in delivering for projects. Nelson shares a recent example that illustrates the effective collaboration between Gerflor and Gradus in meeting complex project specifications. 

– Just today, we received feedback from a local reseller that we were the only company capable of meeting all the specifications for an upcoming new construction project by a renowned international company. This included everything from entrance mats and special trims to slip-resistant flooring. In the healthcare sector, our solutions will become more evident as the mock-ups for major hospital projects progress and are realized.

Collaborations often lead to valuable experiences. Are there any specific learnings or insights from this expanded partnership with Gradus that you would like to share?

– In the healthcare sector, projects are increasingly international, involving customers, architects, and contractors from different countries. Our collaboration and international network are invaluable in facilitating these projects for our partners.

Looking ahead, what are the common goals and ambitions that Gerflor and Gradus aim to achieve through their continued collaboration in the healthcare sector, particularly regarding safety, design, and functionality?

– Gradus and Gerflor will bring significant benefits to each other in both project execution and market knowledge. We look forward to the Scandinavian organization playing a crucial role in innovation and product development, which we believe will benefit many of our joint markets in the future, concludes Nicklas Nelson.


Are you curious about how Gradus and Gerflor can help you in your projects? Please contact us, and we are happy to explore your options.


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