Explore our advanced Wall Protection Solutions in the 2023 Brochure

In the dynamic tapestry of diverse environments, the resilience and longevity of interior spaces are paramount, whether in healthcare facilities, industrial settings, or various other contexts. The daily hustle and bustle, characterized by the constant flow of wheeled equipment and pedestrian traffic, necessitates a proactive approach to preserving aesthetics and functionality. At Gradus, we are excited to introduce our comprehensive wall protection systems, now spotlighted in our latest brochure. This release not only extends the reach of advanced solutions but also equips a wider range of settings with the tools to fortify interiors against daily challenges.


Why opt for our Gradus Wall Protection Systems?

The application of our Gradus' wall protection products offers a multitude of advantages in various settings:

1. Damage Prevention: Meticulously engineered, our Gradus wall protection systems create an effective barrier against damage from pedestrian traffic and the impact of wheeled equipment, safeguarding the integrity of interiors.

2. Cost-Efficient Maintenance: By significantly reducing the levels of everyday wear and tear, our Gradus wall protection systems translate into reduced maintenance, repair, and refurbishment costs, enabling facilities to allocate resources more efficiently.

3. Aesthetic Enhancement: Aesthetics matter universally. Our Gradus offers wall protection products in a range of colors and finishes that seamlessly blend with various design schemes, enhancing the long-term visual appeal of interiors.

4. Compliance and Accessibility: Adhering to the most stringent industry standards, our Gradus wall protection products ensure that spaces remain compliant and accessible to all.

Unveiling our new Brochure: Your gateway to advanced Wall Protection

In an exciting development, we unveil our new brochure, a comprehensive guide that empowers a wider range of settings, including healthcare facilities, industrial environments, and more, with an extensive array of wall protection solutions:

Wall Cladding Systems

Featured in various sizes, colors, and finishes, our systems cater to specific requirements, offering bespoke cutting and design options.

Wall Guards, Wall Strips & Bed Head Protectors

Providing direct protection against impact, our solutions offer cost-effective alternatives and safeguard walls and medical equipment.

Door Protection

We offer a variety of door protection solutions, preserving the aesthetics of doors and door frames while preventing and concealing damage.

Corner Guards

Addressing highly susceptible areas, such as corners, our corner guards come in various material types, styles, and heights, reducing maintenance costs and preserving interior appearances.

Handrails, Dual Rails & Combination Rails

Our systems offer pedestrian support, surface protection, and integrated wall guards, serving both pedestrian support and impact protection.

Floor Mounted Protection

Our range of floor rails, posts, and bollards create a visual and physical barrier, protecting building interiors and equipment from potential damage.

Time to explore

The new brochure isn't just a catalog; it's a gateway to our advanced solutions, providing a deeper insight into our commitment to resilience, safety, accessibility, and aesthetics. It strengthens the defense of environments against daily challenges, offering tools that are not only functional but also visually appealing and cost-effective, regardless of the setting. Download the brochure here and deep dive in our solutions.

For further questions and assistance, please contact us and we are happy to help.

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