Bronze anodised matting for Swedish shoe shop

Frövi Skor, a shoe shop located in "The Old Town" of Stockholm, Sweden, was looking for a fresh start with a renovation whilst maintainging a classical look. Our entry mat helped fulfilling the requirements down to the details, whilst acting as an efficient barrier of dirt from the outdoors.

The installation meant replacing another Gradus product that have served the store for over 20 years – a twenty year old Gradus Topguard. The shoe shop offers a classic look, both interior wise and regarding their shoe selection. To match this even after the renovation, Frövi Skor chose a creme colour palette, complemented by wooden shelves and our entry mat Gradus Esplanade 6000 with Bronze Anodised aluminum details.


Effective matting

Apart from making sure the shoe shop has the right look with bronze details, our entry mat Gradus Esplanade 6000 helps with effectively keeping dirt and wetness off the otherwise creme coloured floor. The darker shade chosen for the Gradus Esplanade 6000 also creates a disguise for the catching of the dirt.

As the frequent visitors tend to be of an older age range, Gradus Esplanade 6000 is the perfect choice. This due to the fact that our matting maintains the same ground level as the other flooring of the shop, therefore increasing accessibility. 


A closer look

Here is a closer look at the bronze anodised details we offer for our matting. It is the perfect choice when you wish to complement your interior in an elegant way, in combination with a great effect of our matting.

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