A jetty at Djursholm made non-slippery using Gradus

When planning for an outdoor public area at Djursholm, containing steps and a fair amount of pedestrian traffic, safe passages are of big importance. Choosing Gradus helped this focal point securing the area.

In a big area, where both the function of a jetty and a public focal point were to be included, careful planning was required for the safest result possible. To make sure the steps of the stairways remained non-slippery even on rainy days, and to add a distinct contrast, Gradus stair edging with black Exterior insertions were chosen for this task.

Non-slippery steps during all weathers

Our stair edgings are made to endure both rainy days as well as the frosty ones, considering user experiences reported from ice breaker- and cargo ships sailing the arctic waters.

Gradus Stair Edging & Trims help reduce accidents on stairs through anti-slip edging on steps. These stair nosings provide an inclusive environment giving access to all building users.

  • Defines the edges of steps, preventing tripping hazards 
  • Comes in a choice of materials and profile designs to fit moste step shapes 
  • A variety of gauges suitable for most floorcoverings 
  • Single, double or multiple channel options depending on traffic level 

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