Smart solutions for health centre in Falkenberg

Being a newly built establishment within health care calls for smart solutions. To keep an hygienic and easily maintained environment meeting high standards, a solution from Gradus was installed.

Hygiene and freshness are vital in every health facility environment. In a recently built health centre in Falkenberg, Sweden, they were on a mission to find a material durable enough to handle rough treatment and intense cleaning procedures, while maintaining a fresh look throughout the years.

The solution

To meet the expressed needs, the solution was to install Gradus SureProtect behind care beds and sinks for easy cleaning. The experience from this attempt was that the assemblers appreciated the simplicity in mounting the material, and the results fulfilled precisely the criterias and desires the establishment had regarding their surfaces.

Gradus Sureprotect is a wall cladding system that offers excellent surface protection. The design is optimal for areas where cleanliness is of great importance.

  • Impenetrable barrier to moisture and bacteria
  • Smooth surface made for easy cleaning
  • Resistant to impact damage 
  • Comes in a variety of colors to match the interior.

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