Achieve an elevated look with Bronze Anodised Aluminum finishes

If you are looking for ways to elevate your entry ways, choosing the right finishes can make an impactful difference.

Barrier matting is an important part of many projects, specifically ones that include entrances. A correctly specified barrier matting system will help minimise the risk of slip accidents caused by wet flooring, reduce maintenance costs and improve the appearance of internal floorcoverings by significantly reducing the amount of dirt and moisture tracked into a building.

A sophisticated look

To help you achieve precisely the look you are going for, we are happy to offer our Bronze Anodised Aluminum finishes. Gradus barrier matting cannot only be used at a building's entrance and access points, but also for areas that are subject to increased risk of soiling and heavy wear.  In many cases the optimum performance is achieved by combining different types of barrier matting. Our standard aluminum finishes are still available when you are in need of classic finishes, while the bronze anodised look might be more suitable for a sophisticated look.

In the photo below we are comparing our standard aluminum finish in the back, to our two bronze anodised samples in the front:

Curious to learn more?

Please contact us for more information on how we can help your projects achieve this elevated look.

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