Steps in Ingared made safe with Stairtile

Outdoor stairs are often exposed to weather and other external influence that can negatively impact the safety. Especially when available to the general public, ensuring accessability is of great importance.

For these steps in Ingared, Sweden, our Stairtile Slip-Resistant Flooring was used to make their stairs safe. Stairtile is a rubber composite material designed to provide a hard-wearing, slip-resistant finish for stairs and floors.

Flexible use

As Stairtile can be installed on a variety of materials, such as terrazzo, wood and concrete, it is an applicable solution for many areas. The slip-resistant function is perfect to create safe passing for stairs in shopping centres, car parks and other high usage circulation areas. For further flexibility, Stairtile is suitable for use in both internal and external applications.


A variety of colour

To match your surroundings or create a pop of colour, there are four available shades of our Stairtile range.

Interested in learning more about Stairtile?

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