Meet Ingemar Jensen, Regional Manager of Scandinavia

He is passionate about his field and holds a great amount of knowledge within it.


How would you describe yourself, Ingemar?

- I am married to my wife Magdalenda and a father of three sporty children. I am also the owner of a very affectionate dog. Other than that, I love to cook and am an active member of non-profit organizations. Work wise, I have a solid experience within marketing and sales within floors, floor accessories and paint.


What is Gradus Nordic?

- Gradus Nordic promotes Gradus Ltd products for public environments. The products range from wall cladding, floor profiles, carpets for entrances and LED lighting. Gradus has a well established market in the UK, but also a couple of export markets which some extra investment and effort have been put into. One of those markets is the Nordic area. Gradus Nordic develops an assortment of products as well as distributing channels for the Nordic market. We are affiliated with the whole range of products developed in Gradus’ factories in the Manchester area, but we also collaborate with our sister companies Gerflor, Romus and Progress Profiles. One example of this is that Gradus’ textile carpets nowadays are exclusively sold via Gerflor.


What differentiates you from Gradus UK?

- The assortment is the same, but with different market areas comes different priorities in some aspects. My colleagues in the UK are ahead when it comes to safety and dementia friendly designs, whilst the Nordic area are taking the lead in environmental issues and accessibility.


What is your duty at Gradus Nordic?

- My job is to establish Gradus as a brand name in the Nordic market and develop the distribution of our products. Every market is unique, therefore a part of my task is to adapt the assortment of products and documents to make them relevant for the Nordic market.


As a customer, what can I expect from Gradus Nordic in 2022?

- In 2022 we will release a new PVC-free product within the wall cladding range. This is a product that has been developed as a result of requests from the Nordic market. We are also launching a number of new products within our LED selection, and some new exciting products for entrances.


What possibilities are you looking forward to during 2022?

- The foremost possibility is being able to have meetings in person again. To travel, meeting clients and seeing their needs. I also look forward to the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair that was postponed from February to September. This is an important meeting place and a great source of inspiration.


What is the process like when ordering from Gradus Nordic?

- Some products are easier to order through our distributors, as Brexit has meant longer handling times and more administration work, but for several projects we are the direct suppliers. In that case the process tends to be easier, due to planning with more foresight.


Why should I as a customer choose Gradus Nordic?

- If you are to create a durable public environment, Gradus Nordic is the right company to choose. We have products made to endure the rough handling they are being exposed to at hospitals, schools, stations and airports. The factory has an extraordinary high standard of manufacturing, and those high standards of quality we wish to inform our work in its entirety - from product, to logistics, to customer contact.


Is there any product in particular that you would recommend and can tell us more about?

- That would be our new SureProtect Evo, that is PVC-free and tested in a system that classifies it as fire safe according to the B-s1,d0 certification. It comes in nine colours and is possible to combine with our corner- and wall cladding.


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