Introducing SureProtect Evo

At Gradus, we have a wealth of experience in helping estate and facility managers to protect their healthcare facilities. Understanding the ongoing requirements of the healthcare sector, we are pleased to introduce SureProtect Evo into our comprehensive Wall Protection Range. SureProtect Evo offers the same protection and quality you’d expect from Gradus with a few added benefits.

SureProtect Evo allows estate and facility managers to refurbish or design their buildings without having to worry about how to protect their walls, as it is fully compliant with the fire and building regulations of the Nordic market. SureProtect Evo is a fully fire-tested Wall Protection System, including adhesive and fireboard, that has been designed to ensure full compliance in your buildings and peace of mind for all your projects. In the picture below you can read more about other features of SureProtect Evo.



Colour Availability

We want to make sure that the design of the Wall Protection system fits your buildings. Therefore, Gradus offers 9 different colours. It is important for us that your Wall protection is both aesthetically pleasing and safe. 




Why should you install Wall Protection?

Public buildings are highly trafficked by wheels and pedestrians. Therefore, it is important to protect the interior that is commonly exposed to damage. By using Wall Protection you reduce the levels of everyday wear to building interiors and minimize the need for ongoing repair and maintenance which reduces lifecycle costs. You also improve the accessibility by offering pedestrians guidance and support and enhancing the long-term appearance of building interiors.



We offer all of our customers assistance with installing the products in order to make everything as easy as possible for you. Gradus Wall Protection is ideal for all contract environments including pharmaceutical, education, healthcare, hospitality, and commercial office.  


More information

In this article, you can find more information about SureProtect Evo and all its features. To order authentic samples and for any questions, please contact us directly to get all your answers.


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