Swedish railway company SJ renovates X2 train interior with Gradus

SJ is a Swedish railway company that offers sustainable travelling. As SJ carries over 1,500 departures from over 400 train stations daily, ensuring the safety of their many passangers is top priority. With our Stair Edgings & Trims, we helped their train cars meet high standards of fire safety and accessibility.

The market-leading train company operate both independently and in collaboration with others. Their main area is Sweden but also creating connection with Copenhagen and Oslo.


Installations for safety

The X2 train holds up to 360 passengers which of course makes safety, including fire safety, a priority. The choice of material, creating awareness of the steps and making sure the stairs are safe to use are all important factors to take into account. Using our Stair Edging & Trims we made sure that the stair edges was made more visible and accessible when entering and exiting the rail cars. For this case, the choice of yellow further defines the steps.

Entering and leaving a train often tends to be a busy situation, and even more so during emergencies. Using our yellow Stair Edging is a way to help facilitate the navigation. The yellow stair nosing creates a bright contrast to mark the steps, preventing accidents such as falling or tripping. The stand-out color is also helpful when navigating your way at night-time.


Creating accesability

Our Stair Edging & Trims comes in a variety of colors and choice of materials to accomodate most step shapes. The stair edging provides a slip-resistant element, making buildings and all areas with steps more accessible. A choice of gauges is offered to suit most floorcoverings. Our single, double or multiple channel options are available depending on the traffic levels and conditions of your area in mind.

Upgrade your facilities

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