Warehouse office keeps tidy with 'Mat-in-a-Box'

When moving in to a new warehouse location in Gothenburg, Sweden, this client experienced problems with dust. The dust followed when transferring from the warehouse to the office area, causing unnecessary soiling that required time consuming cleaning. We helped them find a solution.

To prevent the dust from transferring from the warehouse to the office, we found that an entry mat that could be placed directly on the floor would be the perfect option. Our 'Mat-in-a-Box' range has been designed with speed and ease of installation in mind. The mat may be cut to size on site and the individual sections simply clip together. This makes it a perfect and fast installation for example offices, schools or as in this case, for doorways in warehouses.


Installation made easy

The installer of this project confirmed the easy work process through own experience.

– It was such an easy process to place Mat-in-a-Box. It is a delight working with an entry mat that is suitable even for spaces with nooks and crannies. In this case for challenging areas such as the ladder recess and the door passing.

Further, the installer found that solving the problem with Mat-in-a-Box was time saving.

– The installation of two entry mats was made in just about an hour. It is such a breeze when the mat can be installed directly in top of existing flooring, and simply add the ramp profile to the edge of the mat.

Improving the work environment

Since the installation was made, the employees of the warehouse have found that their work day has become significantly easier.

– It is definitely easier to vacuum clean the few square meters covered by our new entrance mat, than to mop the floors of our entire office, our client says.

Variety of shades

For this project, the all black option was chosen in terms of colour. To suit your taste, Mat-in-a-Box comes in a range of shades. The newest addition is our grey shade, 'Glacier'.


Are you looking for easier ways to install entry mats?

Please contact us to hear more about Mat-in-a-Box and to order samples.

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