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Gradus is an international market-leading interior contract solutions provider with local presence on the Nordic/North European market. The company has an outstanding reputation for quality products, built over 50 years. Our products include stair edgings, floor trims, commercial carpet, wall protection, barrier matting systems, and specialist LED lighting.

Peace of Mind

Our culture is built on problem solving, service and customer support. This is reflected in our brand values of quality and expertise and is implemented throughout all business activities to ensure peace of mind for all our customers. We will always strive to achieve this through quality, performance, and service that you can rely on. Therefore, we offer all of our customers assistance with installing the products to make everything as easy as possible. Click here to read more about how we are working to provide you with peace of mind.

People and Ideas

Gradus has a highly skilled, motivated, and loyal workforce. We encourage the development of our employees and provide a stimulating and enjoyable place in which they can fulfill their potential. Innovation is at the core of our business, we encourage our employees to develop new ideas and suggest improvements to our processes and products.

With a local presence in the Nordic/North European market, Gradus Nordic is able to discover needs and develop products customized for the market. A good example of this is the upcoming launch of a new product which is initiated from environmental requirements for the nordic market. The new product is developed to manage future functional and environmental challenges. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn to receive the latest news.

We recognize the benefits of a diverse workforce and are committed to treating all employees with dignity and respect regardless of race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

Environmental Sustainability Pledge

At Gradus, we recognize the importance of sustainable development within our business and are dedicated to controlling and minimizing the effects we have on our environment. We have established a set of environmental objectives providing a dedicated approach to sustainability in areas such as legislation, waste, training, and recycling. Click here to read more about how Gradus takes responsibility to improve our environmental performance.

Learn more about Gradus products

Stair Edgings and Floor Trims 

Gradus offers a wide choice of product solutions for stairs and floors, including stair nosings, floor trims, PVC capping, coving, and skirting. Click here to read more.

Barrier Matting

Gradus matting systems create safer and cleaner buildings. Click here to read more about why it is so important to have effective barrier matting.

Wall Protection

Gradus has been manufacturing, supplying, and fitting wall protection systems for nearly two decades and provides some of the most extensive wall protection systems available today. Click here to read more.

LED Lighting

Gradus lighting is a specialized business offering including a range of extra-low voltage decorative LED products primarily for use in the Leisure sector in environments such as cinemas, nightclubs, casinos, and cruise ships. These systems can also be used in areas where non-intrusive lighting is required such as lecture halls and museums. Click here for more information.

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